Daniel Orrego

Daniel Orrego is a Co-Founder of philanthropic research institutions which study the intersection of metabolism and disease.

An early player at Quest Nutrition, developing ketogenic foods which offered a favorable culinary experience along with predictable and measurable metabolic effects, was an early focus

The KetoPet Sanctuary project was established to rescue dogs who would otherwise be euthanized because they had cancer, and offered them an idyllic life on a 52 acre ranch while receiving cutting edge Veterinary Care along with advanced metabolic interventions, demonstrated how well dogs with cancer can respond to best in class health care.

Epigenix Foundation focused on a glioblastoma model of brain cancer, helping those patients who had failed standard of care, live longer and with an improved quality of life, via the use of metabolic interventions to manage disease.

Now, as a Co-Founder of Hippocrates Research Foundation, Daniel is advancing a platform of patient advocacy, education and facilitation, pursuant to ensuring that a broader public can have access to best in class health care, in partnership with their physician.

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